Tiểu sử Our Man in Damascus: Elie Cohn - Eli Ben-Hanan

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    This is the story of a man who became a world-renowned spy, whose government offered millions of dollars worth of military equipment for his return, and whose death was preluded by outcries from all quarters. The book is written in an intimate yet unswerving style, from the moment Elie was more or less pushed into spying for Israel to the immediate aftermath of his execution by the Syrian Baathist government. Before his discovery and eventual death, Elie Cohn managed to infiltrate the hierarchy of an enemy nation to an unheard-of degree. By projecting a winning personality, the distribution of much largess, (aka baksheesh) and the presentation of apparent revolutionary conviction, he managed to not only be a party to secret plans and military inspections of top-secret installations, but also to be an acquintance of the dictator himself, Amin al Hafez (al Assad). The book touches upon his life, family, and the disruption his mission had on both, while providing context when needed on his motivations. And, while not dwelt upon in depth, there were reasons the Egyptian-born Cohn agreed to an extraordinarily hazardous mission. The book will leave a reader in tears, as the calls for clemency pour in from areas with little or no love for the nation he represented. Even his enemies showed respect for the great man who managed to dupe them to an unparalleled degree. It fittingly ends with a photograph that seems almost a negative, showing Elie swinging from Syrian gallows. To call the book touching is almost an insult, as it is an intensely moving experience in every sense of the word. For friends of Israel, students of the Middle East, or even espionage enthusiasts, this book will add depth and understanding of a crucial and fascinating story of a great man, who died a master spy. (Amazon Customer)

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