Detective OxCrimes - Edited by Mark Ellingham and Peter Florence

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    Genre: Crime Thrillers

    OxCrimes – like its predecessors OxTales and OxTravels – is a very simple idea. We asked the best crime writers based in Britain, and a few further afield, for a story. There were no rules. We just wanted compelling stories that we knew their regular readers would have to read … and so would need to buy this book. And why so calculating? That’s simple, too. The purpose of OxCrimes is to entertain and, in doing so, to raise funds for Oxfam’s work. All of the authors have donated their royalties to the charity.
    Crime writers are busy folk, often producing a novel or more each year, so we had feared many of the bestselling cast we approached would have little time to contribute. We needn’t have worried. Twenty-seven leading authors feature in this book, almost all of them with original stories (three or four chose to adapt previously published gems). So here they are: a fabulous collection of chilling stories, together with an introduction from Ian Rankin and an afterword by Oxfam’s own chief inspector, Mark Goldring.
    Mark Ellingham and Peter Florence
    Editors, OxCrimes

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