Giấy Paper Magic - Will Blyth

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    Paper Magic
    Tác giả: Will Blyth

    This book contains a detailed guide to mastering a variety of paper-based magic tricks. "Paper Magic" teaches how to construct a variety of paper models, toys, puzzles, and more that can be used to impress anyone they meet! With simple, step-by-step instructions and helpful diagrams, this volume is highly recommended for the novice illusionist and those looking for tricks that can be performed on the go. Contents include: "Army Forage Cap", "Ash Tray", "Breakfast Cruet", "Chinese Junk", "Christmas Star", "Dart", "Drill Sword", "Easter Cross", "Flap Purse", "Flapper, The", "Flying Aeroplane", "Kettle", "Lifeboat", "Mechanical Conjuring Trick", "Parachute", "Pin Tray", "Puff Ball", "Puzzle Box", "Sailing Boat", "Saucepan", et cetera.

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