Play with Me (Feb 2010) by Leslie Kelly (18+)

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    Play with Me (Feb 2010) by Leslie Kelly

    (Harlequin Blaze) (18+)


    Pilot Amanda Bauer has always craved a life of adventure…sexual adventure, that is. Lucky for her, she's currently getting her thrills by indulging in naughty games with hunky Reese Campbell! After their first explosive encounter, they arrange to get together every couple of months for days filled with fantasy and wild, no-strings sex.

    And the best part of it? Nobody else knows about it. Nobody!

    It's the perfect private indulgence…until they find themselves on YouTube!

    P.S: Mình thích các truyện của Harlequin vì vậy mình post hơi nhiều. Hy vọng mọi người cũng vậy.


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    Lai them mot link down bi loi, ban conguyen a :((
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    Tải từ trong kho của TVE.

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