Nấu ăn Real Food Fermentation - Alex Lewin

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    Real Food Fermentation:
    Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen
    Tác giả: Alex Lewin
    Nhà xuất bản: Quarry Books
    Năm xuất bản: 07-2012

    Số trang: 176
    Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Anh
    ISBN-10: 1592537847
    ISBN-13: 978-1592537846
    Giá bán: $18,26
    Định dạng file: epub

    Preserve your favorite foods through every season with Real Food Fermentation. Control your own ingredients, techniques, and additives. Learn a practical food-preparation skill you’ll use again and again. And express yourself by making something unique and whole.

    Inside, you’ll find:

    —All the basics: the process, the tools, and how to get started

    —A guide to choosing the right ingredients

    —Sauerkraut and beyond—how to ferment vegetables, including slaw-style, pickles, and kimchi

    —How to ferment dairy into yogurt, kefir, crème fraîche, and butter

    —How to ferment fruits, from lemons to tomatoes, and how to serve them

    —How to ferment your own beverages, including mead, kombucha, vinegar, and ginger ale

    —A primer on fermented meat, fish, soy, bread, and more

    —Everything you need to know about why the recipes work, why they are safe, what to do if they go wrong, and how to modify them to suit your taste.

    About the Author

    Alex Lewin, a graduate of Harvard, the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, seeks to create a healthier and tastier world by spreading the word about fermentation and real food. He teaches fermentation classes and workshops and serves on the board of the Boston Public Market Association, working to create a year-round indoor market selling local food. He lives in Boston and San Francisco.


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