Sam Eastland - Inspector Pekkala series

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    Sam Eastland lives in the United States and the United Kingdom. He is the grandson of a London police detective who served in Scotland Yard’s famous “Ghost Squad” during the 1940s. His next Pekkala novel will be published in 2011.

    Inspector Pekkala
    1. Eye of the Red Tsar (2010)
    2. The Red Coffin (2011) aka Shadow Pass

    Eye of the Red Tsar (2010)
    (The first book in the Inspector Pekkala series)


    It is the time of the Great Terror. Inspector Pekkala - known as the Emerald Eye - was the most famous detective in all Russia. He was the favourite of the Tsar. Now he is the prisoner of the men he once hunted. Like millions of others, he has been sent to the gulags in Siberia and, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, he is as good as dead. But a reprieve comes when he is summoned by Stalin himself to investigate a crime. His mission - to uncover the men who really killed the Tsar and his family, and to locate the Tsar's treasure. The reward for success will be his freedom and the chance to re-unite with a woman he would have married if the Revolution had not torn them apart. The price of failure - death. Set against the backdrop of the paranoid and brutal country that Russia became under the rule of Stalin, "Eye of the Red Tsar" introduces a compelling new figure to readers of crime fiction.

    Dạo này nhiều cuốn lấy bối cảnh nước Nga cùng các khu cải tạo lao động gulags. Hết Martin Cruz Smith's "Stalin's Ghost"; Tom Rob Smith's "Child 44" và giờ là "Eye of the Red Tsar".

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