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    Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls:
    22 Easy-to-Make Dresses, Skirts, Pants & Tops Girls Will Love
    Tác giả: Yuki Araki
    Nhà xuất bản: Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd.

    Năm xuất bản: October 7, 2013
    Số trang: 80
    ISBN-10: 4805313153
    ISBN-13: 978-4805313152
    Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Anh
    Giá bìa: $13,18
    Định dạng file: pdf

    Make your own cute and fashionable clothes for girls with this easy-to-use sewing book.

    Author, Yuki Araki is one of the most recognized names in the growing sewing-for-children movement. The mother of two daughters, Araki has become a DIY sewing favorite because she knows what young girls want. They like to wear stylish clothes that also let them play with ease. Moms adore the relaxed aesthetic of Araki's simple mix-and-match play clothes and accessories, and young girls are happy wearing them because they're both cute and comfortable.

    Best suited for girls from two to five years old, the sewing patterns in this Japanese sewing book are simple, casual, and look good on any girl. Araki provides westernized patterns in four sizes, plus diagrams and instructions for twenty-two pieces. Simple lines give kids room to move, and the classic styles look good on any frame.

    Sewing designs include:
    • Shoulder-tie camisole top and dress
    • Classic smock shirt and dress
    • Four variations of a basic elastic-waist skirt
    • Shorts and easy-breezy kid-style leggings to pair with any top
    • Button-front and pullover tops
    • Adorable bucket hat
    Moms will love dressing their girls in these economical and easy-to-make clothes. Nothing could be simpler—or sweeter!

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