Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

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    Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has revolutionized homes—and lives—across the world. Now, Kondo presents an illustrated guide to her acclaimed KonMari Method, with step-by-step folding illustrations for everything from shirts to socks, plus drawings of perfectly organized drawers and closets. She also provides advice on frequently asked questions, such as whether to keep “necessary” items that may not bring you joy. With guidance on specific categories including kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, hobby goods, and digital photos, this comprehensive companion is sure to spark joy in anyone who wants to simplify their life.

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    Bạn ơi, link của bạn không tải được. Bạn có thể cho mình xin file được không?
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    Bạn có thể tham gia thư viện TVA để vừa nghe vừa đọc nha. :D. Nhắn tin mình gửi ebook cho.

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