Tactics for Listening - Jack C Richards

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    A fresh, new edition of the classroom-proven listening skills favourite.

    The new edition contains even more listening practice, plus expanded speaking activities, while retaining the effective listening practice and clear, natural language that teachers love, within a student-friendly page design.
    How can it be used?

    * As the basis for an intensive listening course or a language laboratory course.
    * As a complementary text in a conversation course.

    Who is it for?

    * Adult and young adult learners of American English.

    Key features

    * Fun, natural-sounding recordings that reflect everyday situations.
    * New follow-up listening and speaking activities for in-depth practice.
    * Expanded 'Over to You' sections for extra speaking practice.
    * A Student Audio CD for practice outside the classroom.
    * Photocopiable speaking activities for each unit.
    * Mid-term, final, and unit tests with Audio CDs for easy student assessment.

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    Nguồn e-thuvien.com và doko.vn

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