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    Tana French (born 1973) is an Irish novelist and theatrical actress born in Vermont. Her debut novel In the Woods (2007), a psychological mystery, won the Edgar, Anthony, Macavity, and Barry awards for best first novel. She lives in Dublin. The British online newspaper, The Independent, has referred to her as the First Lady of Irish Crime, "who very quietly has become a huge international name among crime fiction readers."
    Books: Dublin Murder Squad series
    In the Woods (2007)
    The Likeness (2008)
    Faithful Place (2010)
    Broken Harbour (2012)
    The Secret Place (2014)
    The Trespasser (2016)

    2008 Edgar Award for Best First Novel, for In the Woods
    2008 Anthony Award, Best First Novel for In the Woods
    2008 Macavity Award, Best First Mystery for In the Woods
    2008 Barry Award for Best First Novel
    2007 Finalist for Los Angeles Times Book Prize (Mystery/Thriller)
    2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award nomination for Faithful Place
    2012 Irish Book Award, Irish Crime Fiction Award for Broken Harbour
    2012 Los Angeles Times Book Prize (Mystery/Thriller) for Broken Harbor

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