The Bellini Bride - Michelle Reid

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    The Bellini Bride by Michelle Reid


      • Summary:

    "Deeply compelling and highly sensual!!"

    Marco Bellini has everything a man could ever want - wealth, success, good health and a sinfully sensuous woman as his mistress. Antonia answers his every craving, meets his every need and satisfies his very soul. His life is perfect except for the nagging thought of his father's ill health and Marco's duty to produce an heir. He knows soon he must choose a suitable bride, someone who is worthy of being the mother of the next Bellini generation, heirs to their tremendous fortune. However, the only woman Marco wants by his side is his mistress and men like him don't marry women like Antonia.

    Antonia Carson is a woman of many secrets. She's loved Marco ever since she met him a year ago but she has no illusions about the future. Marco never promised her one anyway. Perhaps that's why she has never revealed so many truths about herself to him; never let him see into her soul.

      • Plot Summary: (This summarizes more detailed than above summary)

    "Marco Bellini is a powerful and wealthy man who has taken a hard hit when he has seen an artist, Stefan Krantz's, depiction of the Mirror Woman named Antonia Carson. He gets everything that he wants and so has taken Antonia as his mistress. Antonia Carson has drifted life passing as her friend's nude model to become the internationally known Mirror Woman. When she has agreed to become Marco's mistress, she never knows that the past will come back to haunt her.

    Marco is obsessive and possessive of Antonia. He still burns for her after a year. However he can't permanently make Antonia his own because his wealthy family's respectability won't allow a woman of the world to be his wife. He can't also bear to let her go especially when her ex-lover has come into town. Can he disregard all propriety to keep the woman he loves or watch her go back to her former lover?

    Antonia has known happiness in Marco's arms. But she suspects that her lover is tiring of her and wants out. She knows that the relationship wouldn't last and she still hopes that he will come to love her as she loves him. She longs to tell him her secrets: the truth about the Mirror Woman, her wealthy father who has rejected both her and her mother, her mother who became a mistress, Stefan Krantz's love for her mother, and her paintings. Could she gamble away her secrets and still win Marco?
    P.S. Trong các tác phẩm của Michelle Reid mình đã post. Theo cảm nhận của riêng cá nhân mình, "The Bellini Bride" là tác phẩm mình bị thu hút nhiều nhất. Đương nhiên mình chưa đọc tác phẩm này nhưng đọc tóm tắt ở trên cũng đủ khiến mình không chờ nổi rồi.


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