Fairy-Myth The Chinese Storyteller's Book - Michael David Kwan

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    Imagine a universe constructed in layers: At the top is Heaven – where the gods live. Beneath is the Earth, where people dwell. And beneath the Earth lies a magical realm of witches, vampires, ghosts, and immortal foxes capable of assuming human form. This is the universe of Chinese folktale. The nine tales in The Chinese Storyteller's Book show what happens when the worlds of Earth and the supernatural collide. The cast of characters, both humble and fantastic, includes:
    - A young man willing to spend a night in a haunted mansion to prove that the spirit world does not exist;
    - Fox faeries wearying of their immortality and craving the uncertainty of human experiences;
    - A bored husband looking for excitement – but finding mortal danger instead.
    Michael David Kwan first heard these tales told by street-corner storytellers during his childhood in China. He retells them through his own unique literary vision – through the lens of his own personality, experience, and imagination.


    The Fox Faery's Wedding
    To Be the Best
    The Foxes
    The Pear Tree
    Whiskers and Bright Eyes
    The Fisher's Tale
    The Night Singer
    M' Lady
    The Butterfly

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