The Chronicles of Chrestomanci 1~6 - Diana Wynne Jones

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    Hiện mình đang làm dự án Biên Niên Sử Chrestomanci tập 1 và 2, bản tiếng việt. Do trong nhóm mình yêu cầu tập 3 bản tiếng anh, nên sẳn tiện mình đóng 6 tập của The Chronicles of Chrestomanci thành ebook và post lên đây luôn.
    Thật ra đây là lần đầu tiên mình làm ebook, nên chắc chắn có nhiều sơ suất. Có gì thì các bạn cho mình biết để mình tìm cách khắc phục nha.

    Diana Wynne Jones:

    There are thousands of worlds, all different from ours. Chrestomanci's world is the one next door to us, and the difference here is that magic is as common as music is with us. It is full of people working magic-warlocks, witches, thaumaturges, sorcerers, fakirs, conjurors, hexers, magicians, mages, shamans, diviners and many more-from the lowest Certified witch right up to the most powerful of enchanters. Enchanters are strange as well as powerful. Their magic is different and stronger and many of them have more than one life.

    Now, if someone did not control all these busy magic-users, ordinary people would have a horrible time and probably end up as slaves. So the government appoints the very strongest enchanter there is to make sure no one misuses magic. This enchanter has nine lives and is known as "the Chrestomanci." You pronounce it KREST-OH-MAN-SEE. He has to have a strong personality as well as strong magic.


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