Fairy-Myth The Cloak of Dreams: Chinese Fairy Tales - Bela Balazs

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    A man is changed into a flea and must bring his future parents together in order to become human again. A woman convinces a river god to cure her sick son, but the remedy has mixed consequences. A young man must choose whether to be close to his wife's soul or body. And two deaf mutes transcend their physical existence in the garden of dreams. Strange and fantastical, these fairy tales of Béla Balázs (1884-1949), Hungarian writer, film critic, and famous librettist of Bluebeard's Castle, reflect his profound interest in friendship, alienation, and Taoist philosophy. Translated by Jack Zipes, one of the world's leading authorities on fairy tales, The Cloak of Dreams brings together sixteen of Balázs's unique and haunting stories.
    Written in 1921, these fairy tales were originally published with twenty images drawn in the Chinese style by painter Mariette Lydis, and this new edition includes a selection of Lydis's brilliant illustrations. Together, the tales and pictures accentuate the motifs and themes that run throughout Balázs's work: wandering protagonists, mysterious woods and mountains, solitude, and magical transformation. His fairy tales express our deepest desires and the hope that, even in the midst of tragedy, we can transcend our difficulties and forge our own destinies.
    Unusual, wondrous fairy tales that examine the world's cruelties and twists of fate, The Cloak of Dreams will entertain, startle, and intrigue.

    1. The Cloak of Dreams
    2. Li-Tai-Pe and the Thief
    3. The Parasols
    4. The Clumsy God
    5. The Opium Smokers
    6. The Flea
    7. The Old Child
    8. The Robbers of Divine Power
    9. Li-Tai-Pe and Springtime
    10. The Ancestors
    11. The Moon Fish
    12. The Friends
    13. The Revenge of the Chestnut Tree
    14. Tearful Gaze
    15. The Clay Child
    16. The Victor
    Appendix A. A Beautiful Book Thomas Mann
    Appendix B. The Book of Wan Hu-Chen Béla Balázs

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    1953snake Sinh viên năm II

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