Mystery The Condor series (#1~#2) - James Grady

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    Shadow of the Condor (The Condor #2)
    by James Grady

    The Condor is Back - and Everybody Wants Him

    The Americans want him as a sitting duck in a deadly trap.

    The Russians want him out of the path of their perfect plan.

    The Chinese want him for a perverse purpose that no normal mind would ever imagine.

    The Condor is back - and this time it doesn't seem that even his luck and nerve and brains and sheer will to live will help him survive.

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    Six Days of the Condor (The Condor #1)
    by James Grady
    CIA operative Malcolm, codenamed Condor, discovers his colleagues butchered in a blood-spattered office, he realizes that only an oversight by the assassins has saved his life. He contacts CIA headquarters for help but when an attempted rendezvous goes wrong, it quickly becomes clear that no one can be trusted. Malcolm disappears into the streets of Washington, hoping to evade the killers long enough to unravel the conspiracy— but will that be enough to save his life?

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