The Devil's Advocates by Michael S. Lief and H. Mitchell Caldwell

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    Cuốn sách nổi tiếng trình bày 8 vụ án lịch sử được xét xử tại tòa án của Hoa Kỳ. Sẽ rất hấp dẫn với các bạn luật sư/đang học luật (nói thế chứ các bạn khác cứ đọc đi nhá, mình không phải dân luật mà đọc cũng thấy mê!)


    In The Devil's Advocates, Michael S. Lief and H. Mitchell Caldwell turn to the dramatic crimes and trials of criminal law. The eight famous cases in this riveting collection have set historical precedents and illuminated fundamentals of the American criminal justice system. Future president John Adams illustrates the principle that even the most despised and vilified criminal is entitled to a legal defense in the argument he delivers on behalf of the British soldiers who shot and killed five Americans during the Boston Massacre. Clarence Darrow provides a ringing defense of a black family charged with using deadly force after defending themselves from a violent mob - an argument that refines the concept of self-defense. And perhaps the best-known case is that of Ernesto Miranda, the accused rapist whose trial led to the critically important Miranda decision, which underpins procedure at every criminal arrest.

    Each case presented is given legal and cultural context, including a brief historical introduction, biographical sketches of the attorneys involved, highlights of trial testimony, analysis of the closing arguments and a summary of the trial's impact on its participants and our country. In clear, jargon-free prose, the authors make these pivotal cases come to vibrant life for every reader.

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