Business Lessons The Digital Economy - 20th Anniversay Edition - Don Tapscott

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    Two decades ago, The Digital Economy changed the way the world thought about the Web and Internet. While everyone else was in awe of "websites" and "dot coms," Don Tapscott was among the first people to argue that the Internet would fully transform the nature of business and government. It goes without saying that his predictions were spot on.

    Now, in this new edition of his classic work, the New York Times bestselling author provides topical updates with a sweeping new analysis of how the Internet has changed business and society in the last 20 years, covering:
    • Natural frictions between present-day Industrial Capitalism and the Digital Economy
    • The radical effects of the Internet on traditional corporate structures and systems
    • Dramatic changes in business collaboration and culture thanks to social media
    • The rise of web-based analytics and how they have transformed business functions
    • Government transparency, citizen empowerment, and the creation of public value
    • Teaching and learning—revolutionary developments driven by digital content

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