Cờ The Human Comedy of Chess - Hans Ree

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    Hans Ree, the Dutch grandmaster and leading international chess journalist, provides a collection of his most fascinating insights into chess developments in recent years, including the rise of Kasparov, the splintering of the World Chess Federation, the 'trivialization' of the world championship, and the most important one-on-one matches. He also examines some of the 'ancient history' of chess. These articles give the reader an excellent overview of the diverse events of the last decade.

    Book information
    Book name: The Human Comedy of Chess - A Grandmaster's Chronicles
    Author: Hans Ree
    Publisher: Russell Enterprises Inc.
    Year: 2011

    Ebook is in epub format, but its size exceeds 5 MB, so I split it into 2 rar files.

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