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    In this insightful travelogue, American war veteran Phil Karber takes you on a journey down the roads, rivers and rails of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. He writes insightfully about the political effect of the Vietnam War on the people and places, adding a whole new perspective on the region's history and culture. Accompanied by a friend, London artist Simon Redington, they follow the Mekong River from China to Saigon, to the infamous Tiger Cages on Con Son Island, and to the city sidewalks of Hanoi, where the author lived for five years. Along the way, the stories will capture your imagination and transport you to a beautiful region, undaunted by war and poverty. Indeed, this book brings to life the harsh realities of the region's history, culture, politics and people. Together with its unforgettable images of locals, veterans and expatriates, this transcends normal expectations of travel literature.

    "The Indochina Chronicles" is a rare blend of history, war remembrance and modern observation driven by a deep desire to understand the culture, needs and desires of the nations that suffered the tragic consequences from a lack of understanding. --- Kay Johnson, Vietnam correspondent, Time magazine.

    From old Viet Cong guerrillas to the new tycoons of Saigon, from hookers and highwaymen to bartenders and ambassadors, Phil Karber has met them all and has a drink with most. Nobody knows the red states of Indochina better than Phil Karber. His new book is sweeping, provocative and poignant. --Mark McDonald, Foreign Correspondent, Knight Ridder

    Phil Karber's wonderful book is intimate, informed, colorful, and, most of all, real, a marvelous tour, literal and figurative, of the Southeast Asian landscape. --Richard Bernstein, Berlin Bureau Chief, New York Times

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