The Origin and Evolution of the Larval Forms

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    [HR][/HR]Publication Date: January 12, 1999 | ISBN-10: 0127309357 | ISBN-13: 978-0127309354 | Edition: 1

    Larvae represent one of the classic problems of evolutionary biology and may explain how new body plans originate. It has often been suggested that many entirely unique body plans first originated as retained larvae of ancestral organisms.
    This book covers larval evolution and the developmental and evolutionary forces which shape and constrain them. Intended to contribute to a continuing dialectic, this book represents diverse opinions as well as manifold conclusions from an international team of leading zoologists and developmental biologists. Certain to challenge and intrigue, this book should be a part of the library of every evolutionary and developmental biologist interested in larvae and their significance.

    Key Features
    * Examines how vertebrate and invertebrate larvae develop and evolve
    * Presents four themes: development, evolution, metamorphosis, and genetic mechanisms
    * Chapters are organized into three sections: larval types and larval evolution, mechanisms of larval development and evolution, and larval functional morphology, physiology, and ecology

    Review (from

    "This well-conceived and well-edited book offers much interest to both herpetologists and ichthyologists... It is an excellent reference for graduate sutdents and investigators in these fields and for herpetologists and vertebrate biologists in general."
    --Kentwood D. Wells, University of Connecticut, in COPEIA (2000)
    "...certain to become as important as Gavin De Beer's Embryos and Ancestors. This integrative and organismal approach forms the core of the emerging field of evolutionary developmental biology which is well served by this volume."
    --R. Glenn Northcutt in CELL (September 1999)
    "...this book is to be recommended as giving a valuable insight into current thinking on larvae."

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