The Palestine - Israel Conflict: A Basic Introduction - Gregory Harms & Todd M. Ferry

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    The Palestine - Israel Conflict: A Basic Introduction
    Tác giả: Gregory Harms & Todd M. Ferry

    The Palestine-Israel conflict is the most notorious and ingrained conflict in living memory. Yet the way it is reported in the media is confusing and often misleading. In The Palestine-Israel Conflict, Gregory Harms and Todd M. Ferry provide an authoritative introduction to the topic. Balanced, accessible, and annotated, it covers the full history of the region from Biblical times up to the present.

    Perfect for both general readers and students, it offers a comprehensive yet lucid rendering of the conflict, setting it in historical context. This fourth edition brings us up to date with a new introduction, conclusion, and material covering recent events: Israel's Operation Protective Edge, the Palestinian unity deal between Fatah and Hamas, and ongoing Palestinian resistance, America's Middle East policy, and the election of Trump.

    Cutting through layers of confused and inconsistent information, this new edition of The Palestine-Israel Conflict will clarify the ongoing struggle for all readers.

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