The Phineas and Ferb Series

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    The Phineas and Ferb Series by Various Authors
    Requirements: .epub reader
    Overview: The Phineas and Ferb book series are a series of novelizations of episodes of Phineas and Ferb published by Disney Press. The series is not written by one author, but a plethora of such. The series also includes original stories based on Phineas and Ferb.


    Phineas and Ferb 01 - Speed Demons - Jasmine Jones (retail) (epub)
    Phineas and Ferb 02 - Runaway Hit - Lara Bergen (retail) (epub)
    Phineas and Ferb 03 - Wild Surprise - Helena Mayer (retail) (epub)
    Phineas and Ferb 04 - Thrill-o-rama! - Kitty Richards (retail) (epub)
    Phineas and Ferb 05 - Big-Top Bonanza - N B Grace (retail) (epub)
    Phineas and Ferb 06 - Daredevil Days - Molly McGuire (retail) (epub)
    Phineas and Ferb 07 - Freeze Frame - Ellie O'Ryan (retail) (epub)

    Episode adaptations:
    Speed Demons - Adapts "The Fast and the Phineas" and "Rollercoaster".
    Runaway Hit - Adapts "Flop Starz" and "Lights, Candace, Action!".
    Wild Surprise - Adapts "Candace Loses Her Head" and "Mom's Birthday".
    Thrill-o-rama! - Adapts "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!" and "Are You My Mummy?".
    Big-Top Bonanza - Adapts "Jerk De Soleil" and "The Best Lazy Day Ever".
    Daredevil Days - Adapts "Crack That Whip" and "The Flying Fishmonger".
    Freeze Frame - Adapts "Traffic Cam Caper" and "Bowl-R-Ama Drama".

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