KH-Khác The Professional Journalist (4th edition) - John Hohenberg

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    Fourth edition - 1978​

    (Introduction on flaps of the 2nd edition hardcover)

    This book, written by the winner of two Sigma Delta Chi prizes for distinguished service to journalism, is a thoroughly revised, detailed, and integrated exposition of the principles and practices of the news media today. It is a guide for the student and the young professional, a useful work for the established journalist.

    New material in the second edition of this widely known book emphasizes the basics of broadcast journalism, public opinion reporting, the developing standards that affect free press and fair trial, the invasion of privacy and freedom of information, specialized journalism, investigatory reporting, and public service journalism. Particular attention has been given to an enlarged and revised discussion of the problems of reporting for the various media.

    The book deals with newspapers of all types, from the small city and suburban daily to the metropolitan press, and gives special consideration to the problems of broadcast journalism, from the short-staffed radio station to network television news. The intricate practices of the wire services arc given exhaustive treatment, as well. Throughout, there arc many new and pertinent examples of reporting procedures, news and feature stories, and programs typical of broadcast journalism. The appendices include newspaper and broadcast journalism codes, and a glossary of print and broadcast journalism terminology with useful definitions that apply to both.

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