The Right Brain and the Unconscious - Dr. R. Joseph

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    This breakthrough book presents, for the first time, the scientific underpinnings of the unconscious. Whereas clinical psychologists embrace the world of the mind and neuroscientists examine the physiology of the brain, neither approach alone can adequately explain the magnificent nuances of this remarkable organ or the realm of the unconscious. Here Dr. Joseph, an internationally recognized expert in the fields of both neuroscience and clinical psychology, weds these two seemingly disparate disciplines into one, generating one of the most astonishing books of our time. He offers compelling stories that show the extent to which humans are unaware of the intense power of our right brains and limbic systems. Although our left brain devises seemingly rational reasons for our choices and behavior, most of us have barely any conception of the stranger that lurks within our right brain. When we humans select a mate or act in a self-defeating manner at work or at home, what forces are truly at play? Why are so many people stunned that they repeatedly end up in destructive relationships? According to Dr. Joseph, the experiences of our childhood are etched onto the very circuitry of our brains and can profoundly influence our decisions on an unconscious level for the rest of our lives. He explicates how our inner Child, Parent, and Adult struggle to gain mastery of our choices. He further demonstrates how these inner forces trigger our defense mechanisms, keeping us in the dark about our true motivations. The revelations of this book will forever change the course of clinical psychology and neuropsychology. By merging clinical psychology and neuroscience, two antagonistic yet complementary disciplines, Dr. Joseph blazes a new path illuminating the most intriguing workings of the deepest recesses of our minds.

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