Phật Giáo The Samdhinirmocana Sutra - John Powers (tran)

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    One of the most influential texts in Indian Mahayana Buddhist literature, the Samdhinirmocana Sutra presents a wealth of teachings central to all Buddhist practice and philosophy. Its explications of the meaning of the ultimate, the basis-consciousness (alaya-vijnana), and the doctrine of cognition-only (vijnapti-matra) have had a major impact in every country where Mahayana Buddhism has flourished, including India, Tibet, Mongolia, China, Korea, and Japan.

    The teachings of the Buddha demonstrate how our common modes of viewing reality and our habitual ways of living and relating to the world are fundamentally mistaken. While Christian philosophy traditionally identifies the root of our existential problems as original sin, the Buddha taught that ignorance is more fundamental than sin, for through ignorance we unwittingly commit actions that result in harm to ourselves and others. This ignorance clouds the continuum of each and every being who is not a Buddha, and can be overcome only through individual effort.

    The Samdhinirmocana Sutra tells us how the full force of our mental and physical faculties can be harnessed for this task. Comprehensive and multifaceted, the text details the world view, stages, and yogic practices necessary for transforming even the most subtle manifestations of ignorance.

    The reader is guided on a path that leads to mental balance, insight into the nature of reality, and deep commitment to work selflessly for the benefit of other beings.

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