The Sickness Unto Death by Sören Kierkegaard

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    Despair is the sickness, not the cure. In Christian terminology death is the expression for the greatest spiritual sickness, and the cure is simply to die, to "die from" despair.

    Introduction Only the Christian knows what is meant by the sickness unto death. As a Christian he acquires a courage which the natural man does not know. This courage he acquires by learning to fear the still more dreadful.

    Chapter 1: That Despair is the Sickness Unto Death The three forms of despair: not being conscious of having a self, not willing to be oneself, but also despair at willing to be oneself. Despair is "sickness unto death."

    Chapter 2: The Universality of This Sickness (Despair) A man’s life is wasted when he lives on, so deceived by the joys of life or by its sorrows, that he never becomes decisively conscious of himself as spirit, as self, that is, he never is aware in the deepest sense that there is a God.

    Chapter 3 The Forms of This Sickness, i.e. of Despair In every instant a self exists and is in the process of becoming. The self does not actually "exist," but is only that which it is to become. In so far as the self does not become itself, it is not its own self, and not to be one’s own self is despair.

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