The Universe in a Nutshell - Stephen Hawking (bản tiếng Anh)

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    Tên (các) tác giả: Stephen Hawking
    Tên (các) dịch giả:
    Nhà xuất bản: Bantam Press
    Năm xuất bản: 2001
    Mã số xuất bản (ISBN): 0593048156
    Tóm tắt nội dung:
    The Universe in a Nutshell attempts to address the relative difficulty of Hawking's first foray into popular science - a Brief History of Time. The Universe in a Nutshell is full of beautifully prepared colour illustrations, and has a "tree-like" structure, so that readers can skip from chapter to chapter without losing the thread. Hawking pushes the frontiers of popular physics beyond relativity and quantum theory, past superstring theory and imaginary time, into a dizzying new world of M-theory and branes.

    In The Universe in a Nutshell Stephen Hawking seeks "to combine Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Richard Feynman's idea of multiple histories into one complete unified theory that will describe everything that happens in the universe."

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    Người viết bài: Russie
    Nguồn: TVE
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    bạn cho mình xin lại link audio book được không? link trên mình chỉ click vào pdf được thôi. cám ơn bạn nhiều!

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