Cơ Đốc The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ (Nicolas Notovitch)

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    Kinh sách cổ cho biết Chúa Jesus (lúc đó được biết qua tên thánh Issa) đã từng qua Ấn học đạo trong khoảng 13 tuổi đến 29 tuổi. Kinh thánh Thiên Chúa không đề cập đến khoảng thời gian 17 năm nầy.


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    Ancient scrolls disclosed that Jesus (Issa) spent seventeen years in India and Tibet from the age of 13 to 29 and that he has both a teacher and a student of buddhist and hindu holy men. The story of his journey from Jerusalem to Banares was recorded by Brahman historians.

    Nicolas Notovitch was a Russian aristocrat, Cossack officer, spy, and journalist known for his contention that during the years of Jesus Christ's life missing from the Bible, he followed traveling merchants abroad into India and the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh, Nepal, where he studied Buddhism. While recovering from a broken leg at the at the monastery of Himis, Notovich discovered the text to The Life of Issa and realized that it recounted the lost years of Jesus. This controversial book shows where many of Jesus' beliefs comes from, while at the same time showing that Jesus was already well on his way to his fundamental beliefs at a very young age.

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