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    Bạn nào có sách này cho mình xin với, sách chỉ có thể mua trên amazon mà chuyển về chắc không thể được rồi. Sách này là hồi ký của cô Nguyễn Thị Kim Cúc ("em bé Napalm")
    Đây là đoạn giới thiệu của sách:
    The Girl in the Picture is the sensitive and timely story of Kim Phuc - the nine-year-old Vietnamese child who was the subject of one of the most famous photographs ever taken. The daughter of well-off South Vietnamese parents, Kim's life changed dramatically and forever when the South Vietnamese military mistakenly bombed the highway outside her village with napalm. Running from the temple where she and other villagers, mostly women and children, were hiding, Kim tore the burning clothes from her back. Seconds before the pain overtook her, her image was immortalized on film. Nick Ut, an Associated Press wire service photographer, won a Pulitzer prize for the devastating picture that has been credited with prompting widespread support for the American anti-war effort and hastening the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam.

    Despite being savagely burned, Kim survived. The years following the attack were an agonizing cycle of pain and conflict. A symbol of the tragedy of the Vietnam War for those in the West who had her image etched in their minds, Kim became a celebrity. However, at home, she was a pawn in the hands of officials who turned her into a propaganda tool for her country's Communist regime. Watching her future slip away from her as her family struggled to support themselves in post-war Vietnam, Kim embarked on a series of extraordinary escapes that eventually earned her a new life in Canada.

    Told by award-winning author Denise Chong, The Girl in the Picture is a beautifully rendered account of the private life of an unusual public figure. But it is also a deeply moving, hauntingly provocative story of how war affects the soul and how an extraordinary photo transformed an identity.

    About the author:

    Denise Chong is the author of the spell-binding memoir The Concubine's Children: Portrait of a Family Divided. Translated into seven languages and soon to be made into a feature film, it was awarded the 1995 Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction, the 1994 City of Vancouver Book Prize and the Van City Book Prize; it was also shortlisted for a Governor General's Award and the Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize. Denise Chong was a contributor to the anthology, Who Speaks for Canada? Words That Shape a Country. Most recently, she edited The Penguin Anthology of Stories by Canadian Women. Denise lives in Ottawa with her husband and two children.
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