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    Timetables of World Literature
    by George Thomas Kurian

    Timetables of World Literature is a chronicle of works of literature spanning seven periods in time: "The Classical Age (to A.D. 100)"; "The Middle Ages (100-1500)"; and the sixteenth through twentieth centuries. The chronology lists more than 12,000 titles and 9,800 authors and includes a variety of genres: novels, plays, poems, autobiographies and biographies, essays, meditations, romance, science fiction, mysteries, and history. Each of the seven sections into which the chronology is divided begins with a brief overview of the literature of the period followed by several short biographical summaries of the major writers. Following the biographies is a time line of historical events.

    After the overview, each section lists births and deaths of notable authors and literary figures, literary events, such as the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize in literature, and important publications arranged alphabetically by language, then nationality. These lists are arranged by year, although the sections that cover the classical and medieval eras do not list every year of the relevant time periods. A brief bibliography and several helpful indexes follow the chronological portion of the work. A title index lists all the works by title, with the author's last name in parentheses. This is followed by an author index, a detailed genre index, and a language index.

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