Tourist Behaviour: Themes And Conceptual Schemes (Aspects of Tourism)

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    Author: Philip L. Pearce
    Publisher: Multilingual Matters Limited
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    Key features - A comprehensive tour of the psychological processes underpinning contemporary travel - Of interest to tourism researchers, students and practitioners - Explores our current understanding of tourism behaviour and sets out paths for future research

    Tourism is an inherently social phenomenon Tourists travel with others and experience places and cultures through interacting with both familiar and unfamiliar others. This volume presents a thorough tour of the social psychological processes which underpin contemporary travel. The fascinating phenomenon of tourist behaviour deals with topics such as motivation, destination choice, travellers' on site experiences, satisfaction and learning. This book uses an array of developing and recently constructed conceptual frameworks to both synthesise what is established, and to create new insights and directions for further analysis and, ultimately, management action.


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