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    The Best We Could Do

    Thi Bùi

    An intimate and poignant graphic novel portraying one family’s journey from war-torn Vietnam from debut author Thi Bui.

    This beautifully illustrated and emotional story is an evocative memoir about the search for a better future and a longing for the past. Exploring the anguish of immigration and the lasting effects that displacement has on a child and her family, Bui documents the story of her family’s daring escape after the fall of South Vietnam in the 1970s, and the difficulties they faced building new lives for themselves.

    At the heart of Bui’s story is a universal struggle: While adjusting to life as a first-time mother, she ultimately discovers what it means to be a parent—the endless sacrifices, the unnoticed gestures, and the depths of unspoken love. Despite how impossible it seems to take on the simultaneous roles of both parent and child, Bui pushes through. With haunting, poetic writing and breathtaking art, she examines the strength of family, the importance of identity, and the meaning of home.

    In what Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen calls “a book to break your heart and heal it,”
    The Best We Could Do brings to life Thi Bui’s journey of understanding, and provides inspiration to all of those who search for a better future while longing for a simpler past.

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    (Please buy the ebooks on official websites to support the author if you can afford. Much appreciated!)
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