Truyện tranh Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 026 (2013) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)

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    Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man was an ongoing monthly comic book series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in September 2011 as part of the second re-launch of the Ultimate Marvel imprint. It followed the "Death of Spider-Man" storyline that concluded the series Ultimate Spider-Man, to which Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man served as a sequel. Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Sara Pichelli, the series also served as a continuation of elements from the miniseries Ultimate Comics: Fallout and focuses on the all-new Spider-ManMiles Morales. The series was set in a continuity shared with other relaunched Ultimate Marvel titles including Ultimate Comics: X-Men and Ultimate Comics: Ultimates. The title ended in October 2013; the adventures of Miles continue in Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man released in July 2014.

    Đây là file CBR, ở nước ngoài truyện tranh hay có mấy định dạng này!

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