Sinh học Untangling the Mind: Why We Behave the Way We Do - Dr. Ted George, M.D.

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    Don't let emotions—your own, or someone else's—control your life!

    Feeling extreme emotion is part of being human. We may feel overwhelming joy at the birth of a child, crippling terror at the sight of an intruder in our home, or unbearable sadness upon the death of a loved one. While we may be surprised at the force of our feelings, they are normal and are not a cause for concern. What's concerning is when strong emotions cause us to spin out of control and make us behave in ways we later wish we hadn't.

    In Untangling the Mind, Dr. George explains how to:
    • Identify the difference between a legitimate emotional reaction and a pathological one
    • Understand the biological basis of your hard-wired reactions
    • Recognize why your distress is caused by a neurological malfunction
    Dr. George, a psychiatrist, has accessed the most cutting-edge technology, such as fMRI, facial analysis, PET scans, and chemical infusions. With this technology, he is able to provide a deep understanding of the inner workings of the brain that can portray a clear picture of what happens—chemically and physically—when we get depressed, act out, or fall into an addiction. Once we understand what happens, we can start to live a calmer, more harmonious life.

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