Vegemorphs (Phỏng theo Animorphs) - Leif E. Green

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    Tham gia ngày: Dec 2008
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    Tác phẩm: Vegemorphs
    Tác giả: Leif E. Green
    Nhà xuất bản: Troll Publisher

    Trích phần đầu trong Vegemorphs:

    I can't tell you my first name—or my last name, either. And I can't tell you where I live. But I might be lying in your refrigerator's vegetable bin or in the produce section of your local supermarket right now. So let me ask you—no, beg you—please, pleasedon't put any vegetables into a zipper bag. I know this sounds crazy, but let me explain. I can't tell you anything about me or my friends, because then the Jerkks would find us. They are the fungus among us. They are trying to decay the whole world—all the vegetables and people. It's not easy for me to keep secrets . . . . Okay, I'll tell you this much. The town I live in is a small one. To tell you any more would be dangerous. If any of the head fungi (I mean the fungi in charge, not the ones that grow on someone's head) got hold of me, the results would be, well, blistering. I can only tell you my code name and those of my ad friends who are fighting the fungus. My code name is Kyle—I mean, Kale—and I'm a boy. The code names for the rest of us are: Carrot, who is a boy; Tomato, a boy who is my best friend; Radish, my cousin, who is a girl; and Olive, a girl I sort of like.

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    Will be back next summer...
    C ya!

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