Vietnam: A history

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    by Stanley Karnow

    “This is history writing at its best.” —Chicago Sun-Times

    This monumental narrative clarifies, analyzes, and de-mystifies the tragic ordeal of the Vietnam war. Free of ideological bias, profound in its understanding, and compassionate in its human portrayals, it is filled with fresh revelations drawn from secret documents and from exclusive interviews with the participants—French, American, Vietnamese, Chinese; diplomats, military commanders, high government officials; journalists, nurses, workers, soldiers.
    Vietnam: A History puts events and decisions into such sharp focus that we come to understand—and make peace with— a convulsive epoch of our recent history.
    “Even those of us who think we know something about it will read with fascination.” — The New York Times

    “History at its best... a saga abrim with plots and counterplots and political and religious intrigues—all set on a global stage and played by an amazing cast of characters.” —Colin Leinster, Business Week

    “His is a rich and unusual mixture; he has the master reporter’s eye for meaningful detail, an ear for the memorable quote, and he works hard to give the Indochina epoch a historian’s perspective.” —Los Angeles Times

    “Monumental . . . may well become the authoritative history” —Washington Post Book World

    “The most comprehensive, up-to-date, and balanced account we have of the Vietnam War” —Boston Globe

    “Mr. Karnow writes a detailed, trustworthy study of the more than 30 years of efforts to defeat Ho Chi Minh and his comrades.” —Kansas City Star
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