Võ thuật (võ thuật) Đại Thành Quyền (Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods)

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    Li Zhaoshan - Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods
    China Martial Arts Ltd. | 2005 | ISBN: N/A | English | 240 pages | PDF | 12.6 MB

    Li Zhaoshan was born in Henan County in 1955, he studied martial arts since his childhood, he started with Wang Anping to study zhan zhuang and Five Elements Kungfu, and then later he was accepted as official disciple of the Yiquan Master Wang Xuanjie, especially famous for his abilities in real combat. Li studied traditional Dachenquan under his tutelage.
    From gathering the essence of Chinese martial arts, Li focused on healing and health preservation but also in the pedagogic aspects of Dachengquan. Progressively Li gained a large notoriety among wushu circles, due to his works and research in martial arts. He is the creator of a method which can allow rapid results to student; in this method the student will basically improve his weakness points and apprehend with progressive steps using "exploding power” and self defense techniques. Combining modern sciences such as biomechanics, modern anatomy, etc... His research activity led him to create various interesting theories such as “Inner strength field", "Gathering inner strength process" "Three major steps in sparring", applications in "bone regeneration", "whole body's muscle interconnected as a inevitable prerequisite for inner strength", etc... Sports magazines are regularly presenting articles on Li Zhaoshan, such as recently "Jinwu" magazine, among their series "Spirit of Dachengquan", which presented "Tribute to Li Zhaoshan famous Dachengquan Master", "Li Zhaoshan presents Dachengquan"...
    Author of several books of Dachengquan, such as “The Complete Reference Book of Healing Dachengquan” – “Fundamentals of Dachengquan” – “Dachengquan Duanshou (Sparring)” and performing regularly in main sporting events related to Dachengquan or Internal Martial Arts.
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