Võ thuật (vo thuat) The Shaolin Virgin Boy Exercise ( Đồng Tử Công)

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    Shaolin Tong Zi Gong, The Shaolin Virgin Boy Exercise
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    Genre: Elearning
    The Shaolin Virgin Boy Exercise includes external, internal, and soft exercise. So far it has been passed on to only a few members in Shaolin Temple as a secret Wushu recipe
    In the past thousand years, Shaolin Monastery always took the child's exercise as the basic Kung-fu for children to be a Shaolin monk. If this kung-fu is crowned with success, as generally known, each style could be turned into a move for attack and defense. But this exercise has the functions of taking care of beauty, keeping energy, and detaining health decline. Doing this exercise ever since childhood will keep a person young and healthy forever. The particular choice of exercises shows the extreme sophistication of knowing Chinese medicine and those postures would, according to theory, preserve and refine the practitioner's Yuan Qi (original Chi).
    Lưu ý: khi tập bắt buộc người tập phải còn "Trinh" trong khi tập cần tránh tiếp xúc và quan hệ với phụ nữ

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