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    Các bạn ai có cuốn Wealth management - the financial advisor's guide to investing and managing client assets của Harold R.Evensky không ?

    Nếu không thì cuốn the New Financial Advisor : strategies for successful Family Wealth Management

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    The New Financial Advisor : strategies for successful Family Wealth Management
    Product Description

    Praise for The New Financial Advisor "For those of us who are working day to day on the frontier of wealth management, Scott Budge has done a remarkable job of mapping out this new territory--helping families achieve life outcomes. Budge's book is a valuable primer for advisors who are ready to embrace the psychological aspects of their role with families as a complement to their financial expertise."
    --Dirk Junge, Chairman and CEO, Pitcairn
    "At the time when the qualitative issues of human development are becoming the dominant questions for families, Scott Budge's defining of the New Financial Advisor brings to life the kind of advisor who will be most helpful to families in the years to come."
    --James (Jay) E. Hughes, author of Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family and Family: The Compact Among Generations
    "The modern financial advisory landscape is more complex than most advisors realize. Successful advisors will gain a map and a compass if they take advantage of Scott Budge's many insights and words of wisdom. The New Financial Advisor keeps the focus on outcomes, and advisors will discover investment solutions uniquely suited for families."
    --Charlotte B. Beyer,founder and CEO, Institute for Private Investors
    "Scott Budge has written a wise, warm, and informative guide to navigating the human side of wealth management. The New Financial Advisor should be on the short list of required reading for anyone who aspires to the role of 'Most Trusted Advisor.' I know I'll be consulting it often."
    --Elizabeth P. Anderson, CFA, Beekman Wealth Advisory, LLC
    "Scott has rightly perceived that today's financial advisors can play a different role--helping their clients navigate their family relationships around wealth. The New Financial Advisor's theory and practices provides examples to achieve this goal."
    --Charles W. Collier, Senior Philanthropy Advisor, Harvard University, and author of Wealth in Families

    From the Inside Flap

    With financial products becoming increasingly commoditized, the new competitive frontier for many advisors is centered on managing relationships. And as the role of financial advisor evolves from product salesman to solution provider and agent of change, you must develop a more sophisticated sense of how your client's family life and financial life are intertwined???if you intend on excelling in this new environment. Author G. Scott Budge is an expert in the dynamics of wealthy families and, over the course of his career, has worked extensively as a developer and educator of wealth advisors. Now, in The New Financial Advisor, Budge shares his insights and experiences with you.
    Written with the serious financial professional in mind, this reliable resource contains the information you need to face and embrace the expanding role that many advisors must play in their clients' lives. Drawing on existing research and interviews with leading advisors at the top of their game, this book brings together the tools and techniques you can use to confidently and ethically operate in this arena.
    The New Financial Advisor:
    Examines the essential elements of a new service model that will allow you to grow your business in a more solution-driven versus product-driven environment
    Prepares you to help clients deal with both planned and unplanned events that figure prominently in their lives???from retirement and college funding to disability and death
    Provides you with a detailed look at what is known about the emerging psychology of money and wealth
    Discusses how to adapt the skills you've already acquired to the reality of today's business and suggests some effective new ways to interact with clients
    And much more
    A detailed knowledge of investments, financial planning, estate planning, and risk management is necessary but not enough for advisors facing the emerging challenges of modern family wealth management. Understanding the new nature of this business will put you in a better position to achieve long-term success???for both your clients and yourself???and with The New Financial Advisor as your guide, you'll quickly discover exactly what it takes to make it in this demanding field.

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