What she wants - Lynsay Sand

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    What she wants

    Earl Hugh Dulonget of Hillcrest was a formidable knight, used to getting what he wanted. This time, he got himself into a bind. His uncle's will had a codicil: He must marry. And Hugh had just insulted his would - be - bride by calling her a peasant! How could he win back her esteem - and her hand?

    Everyone seemed to have advice. Some men - at - arms thought that Hugh could win the fair Willa's love by buying her baubles. The old witch who was her guardian wanted Hugh to crawl back on his belly. And his castle priest proffered De Secretis Mulierum , a book on the secrets of women. But Hugh had ideas of his own. He would overcome every hindrance - and all his friends' help - to show Willa that he had not only what she needed, but what she wanted. And that the two of them were meant for a lifetime of happiness.

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