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    Meet Louise Wiggins

    Louise has been presenting Yoga to Health" classes in and around Adelaide for the past 25 years. She conducts regular "Loving Your Spine with Yoga" back care workshops as well as nasal cleansing classes and other workshops and retreats locally , interstate and overseas.

    Over the years Louise has developed a meditative, dynamic vinyasa style of practice to suit all levels of ability and all age groups. She has been greatly influenced by the rhythmic, cyclic, evolving effortlessness seen in the natural world, and sees this connectedness with nature as her greatest teacher

    This affinity with nature has led Louise to gain a private pilot's licence, to enjoy sailing with her husband and to love tending her garden to be in touch with the natural cycle of life and transformation.

    Amongst the influencing factors behind Louise's yoga presentations are the postural precision of the Iyengar system of yoga, the intimate awareness practices and edge work of Erich Schiffmann, the breathing practices of Richard Freeman, the devotional experiences she found in India and the broad based approach of the International Yoga Teachers Association from whom she received her training.

    You will be encouraged to attend intimately to the natural intelligence that rides on the rhythmic waves of a free flowing breath so that you may experience your own unique best potential in this present moment with all the naturalness with which it was intended. This approach is very evident in her books, Cds. and DVDs.

    Louise encourages you to work within the limitations of your own unique body, accepting it as it is, and becoming intimately acquainted with its needs. Yoga practices allow us to become deeply aware of all the different aspects of who we really are and to reach our very best potential

    Favourite Affirmations:

    I have the strength to shield my stillness within.
    I have what I want. I want what I have. I am content.
    My life is unfolding just as it should. All is well in my world.
    What I think about and thank about, I bring about.
    I am saturated with peace.
    I surrender to stillness.
    Happiness is gratitude.
    I am too blessed to be stressed.

    Experience the oneness of yoga, in harmony with nature.

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