Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born - Robert Schwartz

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    In his groundbreaking first book, Your Soul's Plan, Robert Schwartz brought the idea of pre-birth planning into the mainstream. Now, his brilliant sequel Your Soul's Gift delves even deeper by exploring the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage and abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness. Working with a team of gifted mediums, Schwartz brings forth great love and wisdom from the other side to explain why such experiences are planned and the deep, soul-level healing they can create.

    Through the stories in Your Soul s Gift you can:

    -Develop greater self-love as you become aware of the tremendous courage it takes for you to plan a life on Earth and to live the life you planned
    -Emerge from victim consciousness to know yourself as the powerful creator of your life
    -Forgive those who have hurt you and create a lasting inner peace
    -Understand the qualities you came into this lifetime to cultivate and express
    -See profound purpose in experiences that once appeared to be meaningless suffering
    -Develop a heartfelt knowing of your infinite worth, beauty, magnificence, and sacredness as an eternal soul.

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