Phật Giáo Zen and the Japanese Culture - D.T. Suzuki

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    One of this century's leading works on Zen, this book is a valuable source for those wishing to understand its concepts in the context of Japanese life and art. In simple, often poetic, language, Daisetz Suzuki describes what Zen is, how it evolved, and how its emphasis on primitive simplicity and self-effacement have helped to shape an aesthetics found throughout Japanese culture. He explores the surprising role of Zen in the philosophy of the samurai, and subtly portrays the relationship between Zen and swordsmanship, haiku , tea ceremonies, and the Japanese love of nature. Suzuki's contemplative discussion is enhanced by anecdotes, poetry, and illustrations showing silk screens, calligraphy, and examples of architecture.


    I. What Is Zen?
    II. General Remarks on Japanese Art Culture
    III. Zen and the Study of Confucianism
    IV. Zen and the Samurai
    V. Zen and Swordsmanship I
    VI. Zen and Swordsmanship II
    VII. Zen and Haiku
    VIII. Zen and the Art of Tea I
    IX. Zen and the Art of Tea II
    X. Rikyu and Other Teamen
    XI. Love of Nature
    - Two mondo from the "Hekigan-Shu'
    - The Vimalakirti Sutra
    - The Swordman and the Cat
    - Chuang-Tzu

    Format: epub

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