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    Japanese Paper Crafting:
    Create 17 Paper Craft Projects & Make Your Own Beautiful Washi Paper
    Tác giả: Michael G. LaFosse, , Richard L. Alexander, Greg Mudarri
    Nhà xuất bản: Tuttle Publishing
    Ngày xuất bản: 7/1/2014
    ISBN: 9784805312926
    Số trang: 128
    Giá bìa: $16,95
    Định dạng file: ePub

    Make homemade Japanese paper and fold it into beautiful and decorative forms with this Japanese papercraft book.

    In Japanese Paper Crafting, world renowned paper artist Michael G. LaFosse of the Origamido Studio teaches you all the essential techniques needed to make your own beautiful handmade washi paper at home. The book's clear and simple step-by-step instructions, diagrams and photographs show you not only how to create your own handmade paper using inexpensive and easy-to-find materials—but how to turn your handmade papers into exquisite paper craft objects. Readers will enjoy crafting 17 original LaFosse designs using their very own handmade washi papers! With Japanese Paper Crafting you can:

      • Make your own traditional-style Japanese papers. Learn two traditional Japanese methods of papermaking, and try your hand at creating truly distinctive papers.
      • Create 17 exquisite projects that feature your own handmade paper—or any other paper in your craft collection.
    This book is the perfect gift for anyone who loves scrapbooking, making handmade gift cards, origami and paper crafts in general. Making your own washi paper is the natural starting point to creating high-quality paper craft objects of any type. Projects include:

      • Notebooks
      • Purses
      • Wallets
      • Gift Cards
      • Gift Cards
      • Desktop Accessories
      • And more!
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