Giấy Polish Your Origami - Biernacki Artur

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    Polish Your Origami

    Tác giả: Biernacki Artur

    Nhà xuất bản: Publisher
    Năm xuất bản: 2012
    Số trang: 128
    ISBN-10: 8362495065
    ISBN-13: 978-8362495061
    Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Anh
    Giá bán: $23,04
    Định dạng file: PDF

    In this book I found clear, neat, well drawn diagrams, layed out in a very attractive Japanese 'flowing' style. (...) As a whole this book should belong in any folder's book collection. It is not only an excellent collection of origami models, but a sample of what is happening today in the origami world, where more and more folders are turning their eyes to origami design thanks to new and better techniques. - Roman Diaz

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